This is an invite-only gpsl aiming to provide a fun and stable home with a heavy emphasis on development and creativity. To us, RP is supposed to be about fun. It's this hobby we all enjoy where we can be inspired to write and share charactes we often pour our hearts into. The worst part about Rp is when a home dies off or is plagued by negativity. As mods it is our aim to do whatever we can to try and make sure those things don't happen. As long as you are wanting to actively write your characters, we will be here to actively provide a home, barring any issues in our personal lives that may keep us from fulfilling our duties. Additionally, we pledge to maintain this game as a home for positivity and creative freedom. We will do whatever we can to keep the negative aspects of RP out of this comm, and provide ways for our members to do the same.
the rules of rp
All of the basic rules of RP apply within this game. Ordinarily we like to act on the idea that our members understand exactly what those are when we say this. But for the sake of making sure everyone is on the same page, and more importantly from the experience of seeing players in recent games who don't know what they are, we will extensively list them here. When you apply you are verifying that you understand these rules. You really only need to read the bullet points, but they are expandable in case you need anything clarified.

• keep ic and ooc separate

This is easy enough. Anything that happens to your character in-character, should not be anything that effects your mood or opinion out-of-character. This is all within reason, because a good angsty dramatic scene can get anyone feeling emotional. Just don't take that out on the other writer. Anything you feel OOC should not at all matter to how your character feels or acts ic. This rule, in and of itself, is an agreement between players. We are all taking it on good faith that if disagreements, confrontations, arguments, break-ups or anything really, arise between characters, the other writer is not going to act on their character's experiences or feelings when dealing with us as writers. Additionally, OOC information or opinions should never be applied to how characters feel or act IC. Please remember, a writer is not their character. What a character says or believes might not be what said writer believes. Respect them OOC.

• don't godmod anyone

Godmodding can be defined by controlling a character that is not yours. This rule means, when it is your turn to write, you write your character and only your character. Simple enough. A great rule of thumb is, if you are doing anything with someone else's character in any medium of RP, just ask first. This is everything from seeing them in the grocery store, to springing a surprise pregnancy on them or hitting them with your car. Just don't do it. Sidenote - it is perfectly fine to puppet another character with their consent.

• do not make things blurry

Blurring is a blanket act which falls under both keeping IC and OOC separate and godmodding. Just don't do it. When in doubt, always ask for permission. If you're writing a narrative where you mention another character by name, if you includ their thoughts or actions, if you just imply something, always ask. This is a gray area in which private info may be spread via the medium of OOC narrative. Generally speaking if it isn't alright with the other writer, do not share it - that tea may not be yours to spill, that storyline may not be yours to present. While you are not controlling their character per se, this all just feels very uncomfortable and should be avoided. And if information does come out, always remember you've read this OOC and your character knows nothing.

• handle heavy topics with respect

The beauty of RP is that everyone likes to write something different and through this hobby you are able to experience the ideas of others and allow your character to react to the decisions and actions of other characters controlled by other writers. And what's wonderful is that everyone likes to write different things. However, not everyone likes to read all of these things. You do not know the experiences of someone else's life. Please keep all posts that address heavy topics (suicide, drug use, cancer, racism, death, rape, abuse, whatever it may be) behind a cut with a very clear statement of what is being presented. If you want to call it a trigger-warning you may. We just consider it common courtesy.

Additionally political topics are fine to post about, but anything like that in excess can really bring a vibe down. Consider that when posting. Also if it appears you are baiting people for an argument, or flagrantly posting things to upset people, you will be dealt with. And finally, we know that in real lice, people deal with varying degrees of issues in their lives and when creating a realistic character you want to include these things. That's wonderful, and we love that element of creativity. However we ask that you at least establish an issue, disorder, trauma, etc, that your character may have, through narrative or biographical history before acting upon this information in the game. Basically, don't pull things out of thin air. Do your research. Handle all of these topics with respect and consideration.

• adhere to realism

Research things before you do them. And if you do those things, please do them realistically. Don't annoy another player because you wanted to half-ass it and not do your homework. We are here to develop things and be super relaxed while we play. There's no reason you should jump into something. You have plenty of time to read up on a topic or situation, whatever it is. And if you are changing PBs, please stick to the same ethnicity. This shouldn't have to be said, and yet we've seen it done multiple times. Also, just be realistic with PBs and ages. You know what passes for what.

• application rules

After the first round of adds, this game will be operating as a private gpsl. That means, at least the mod journal, is locked down. The following information is about our application process and what is expected of you when applying to this game.

invitation only
In order to join, you must be invited by an existing member. Understand that any member you invite is someone you vouch for. If they come in and cause a ton of drama, then not only will they be removed but you will have lost invitation privileges. Be sure you trust whomever you invite. After a person is added they must have their activity for the month turned in before they can invite anyone, and have established them selves for at least two weeks. The only exception to this rule is if you were part of first adds.
examples are required
When applying you will need to fill out the application completely. This includes not only obtaining an invitation but also providing examples. Basically we want to see that you can write an entry and a scene. It doesn't matter what kind of game they are from or how old they are. We trust you didn't forget how to write. Also be realistic with yourself, please. If you RP because you like graphics and commenting - while that is perfectly fine - this might not be the home for you. We cannot stress enough how much we intend to focus on character development, writing and activities.
adds are every tuesday or at 10 applications
We will be completing adds every Tueasday or once we hit ten (10) applications, whichever happens first. By applying you are verifying that you have read and understand these rules. If you didn't read them, that is your own fault and may be surprised when you find out about Swingers Saturdays, where your character must perform graphic sex acts on someone they don't know for the sake of activity! Not sure that rule is real? Explore the rules a little more. Remember, no PBs under 18 y'all!

• activity rules

We do not ask a lot of our members as far as activity is concerned because if you are here we assume you are looking for a home to write in. We want you to feel comfortable and that you can write at your own pace and leisure and we don't believe these requirements are excessive or extreme.

update your friends list every 2 weeks
If you're going to be gone for more than two weeks and won't be able to update your list, just drop a note and you can have any kind of hiatus you want. We aren't going to be super on you about this, but if someone inquires about your PB and you're out of date, we will ask you what's going on. If this becomes a routine and you don't have a reason, we will discuss whether this game is working for you.
update your journal once a month
We are not asking for some tolstoy-esque entry every single month. But we would like to see you at least put something in there to let us know you're around. And remember, you can always use your own journal in favor of the community to post random entries. Be active & have fun is really all we ask. We aren't locking you into some crazy contract, we just want to know you're alive, you are contributing and you are creatively stimulated.
participate in a ffa once a month
We will be having a variety of different FFA posts and will try to post them on different days of the week and at different times, so that we can hopefully catch your schedule. We understand how hard it can be to participate if it is always posted while you are at work or school or asleep, so we will make an effort to switch things up. If you find we always miss you, please suggest a time.

• about removals

We will be doing removals once a month. They will be on the last day of the month. It is your responsibility to drop off your activity for the month in the members post. We understand if you accidentally forget. If you are removed on accident it is no problem and we will add you back. However if this becomes a routine we will discuss whether or not this game is the right one for you.

• about discipline

We roughly operate on a one-strike and you're gone format. If someone comes to us about you because you're causing problems or generally being disruptive, we will get to the bottom of it and make a decision. But if you're going to come to us about someone else, make sure you provide receipts. Once we've made a decision about the situation - considering every situation is different - we will act accordingly. If you are removed for causing drama you will not be allowed back.

• locking it down

We would like to ask that you keep your journal fairly locked down to avoid from getting anonymous or trollish comments from people who don't have much better to do with their time than harass others. In order to turn off anonymous commenting see here. if you would like to also make your info private please add <noembed> to your profile info after whatever you'd like public. This will hide your friends and interests.